Meet the Owners Alicia Fitch and Matthew Fitch

DJ mATTA has professionally provided sounds and packed dancefloors for over a decade. Born ‘n’ Bred in Atlanta, Georgia, Matt “DJ mATTA” Fitch came up in a time when Atlanta was quickly becoming a hotbed within the music industry. The son of a church organist, the musically gifted deejay, drummer, keyboardist, and producer grew up surrounded by an array of musical expression.

DJ mATTA’s impressive knowledge of music leaves a powerful impact. His appreciation of all musical genres is represented in his ability to deliver the perfect experience to diverse crowds.

As an architect of his own brand, DJ mATTA can often be found in the studio establishing his signature sound. Heavily influenced by the styles of Parliament, OutKast, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more, his work is infused with booming basslines, synthesized keys, and pure electricity!

Alicia Fitch is the founder and Creative Director of Brighter Affairs, She founded Brighter Affairs in 2012 after graduating from Georgia Southern University (GO EAGLES), She loves everything “events”, and her goal is to create the ultimate jaw-dropping moment curated especially for the clients that she serves.

Alicia always had a passion for event planning and she spent most of her college years doing just that. If there was an event on campus, she was there. From supervising the university’s recreation center to interning as Georgia Southern’s special event intern, she took every opportunity to create bright moments for everyone involved. Upon graduation, she knew it was time to take her passion into overdrive. Soon after, Brighter Affairs was open for business!

“We’re proud to create the most memorable moments of our client’s lives. We’re inspired each day by life’s brightest moments and our hope is to recreate that magic at each and every event”

Brighter Affairs Owners,  Matthew “DJ mATTA”  Fitch and Alicia Fitch, are bringing their own flair and style to the event industry. The husband and wife duo combine their love of events, music, and entertainment to create special events specifically curated for their clients.

Their love for entertaining began long before they met. Alicia began planning events as a student at Georgia Southern University. Shortly after graduating from college, she formed Brighter Affairs.  Matthew served as a local DJ in Atlanta throughout high school and as a student at Georgia State University. The two began dating in 2013 and married in 2015.

After they wed, Matthew became thoroughly involved in Brighter Affairs, creating and managing the entertainment department of the business, while Alicia continues to oversee the event management and design aspects of the business.