Bridesmaid 101

One of your girlfriend’s just got engaged and now she wants YOU to be in her wedding party! We know you don’t want to let her down, so we’re here with a quick 101 on the bridesmaid duties you can expect.

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First, give yourself a pat on the back for being such a great friend. The role of a bridesmaid is a special one and she chose you to be a part of her big day!

Now, just as with any new position, you’ll have a few responsibilities.

You’ll have to:

Help Choose & Buy a Bridesmaid Dress and Accessories

Help the Maid of Honor Plan & Pay For a Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Party

Support the Bride in Choosing Her Wedding Dress

Attend All Events Pertaining to the Wedding

Get the Bride a Shower/Wedding Gift

…and most of all…

Be There For The Bride!

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Yes, you will have to spend some money, but try to think of it as an extra special gift for your friend on one of the biggest days of her life (and you might even get one in return). Plus, there are always great DIY tips and tricks to help get you through. Try getting creative to help cut down some of the costs and save your purses (think handmade accessories and group gifts). Above all, just enjoy everything! Our friends don’t get married every day, so you have to bask in all the beautiful moments!

“To have a friend and be a friend is what makes life worthwhile.” – Unknown

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