Creepy Halloween Crafts: 3 Easy DIY Decorations

We’re just a few weeks away from the spookiest day of the year, Halloween! This holiday wouldn’t be complete without a few creepy halloween crafts! There is no reason to run out and spend a lot of money, when you can create your own holiday decorations right at home. Here are three easy and fun DIY projects to complete this year’s Halloween décor!

Candy Corn Centerpieces:

Candy Corn is a Halloween favorite! Add a little holiday flair to your table top by creating these adorable centerpieces. You’ll need 3 wine bottles, spray paint (white, yellow, and orange) and black ribbon. Start by removing the labels of the wine bottles. Next, spray paint the entire bottle white then let the bottle dry. Once dry, spray paint the center of the bottle (about 2/3 from the top) orange and allow the paint to dry. Repeat this step using your yellow spray paint to cover the bottom third of the bottle. Complete your bottle by using your black ribbon to ribbon around the neck of the bottle. Repeat these steps on the remaining bottles.

candy corn painted bottles
Get the full walk through at Snapguide.

Glowing Balloon Ghouls:

These glow in the dark balloon ghosts are super easy to make. All you need to complete this craft is a white balloon, a black marker, and a glow stick. Start by activating your glow stick then placing it in your balloon. Next, blow up your balloon. Finish out your glowing ghoul by drawing a seriously scary (or seriously cute) face to your ghost.

Head on over the Martha Stewart to get all the creepy details.

Glow in the Dark Pumpkins:

This is a kid favorite and great alternative to carving pumpkins. You’ll need a pumpkin, white spray paint, and glow paint. You can purchase very inexpensive glow paint from any local craft store. Start by spray painting your pumpkin white. Then use your glow paint to design you pumpkin any way you’d like. The best part, since it glows, there is no need to use the sometime dangerous candle around the kids.

glowing pumpkins
Cruise on over to iLoveToCreate to learn how to make your own.

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