DIY Cupcake Bouquet

CUPCAKE BOUQUET 1Are you ready to surprise your love with a bouquet that has a sweet twist? This super cute and easy DIY cupcake bouquet will have your mate wondering where you learned your fabulous design and culinary skills.

For this tasty DIY project you’ll need:
• One small flower pot or one large coffee mug
• One Styrofoam ball that fits inside of the mug or coffee pot.
• Ten toothpicks
• Five cupcakes with decorative frosting
• 2 sheets of your favorite color gift tissue

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Once you’ve gathered all of your materials, start by placing one sheet of the gift tissue and the Styrofoam ball inside of the mug or flower pot. Next, place your toothpicks into the Styrofoam. The each cupcake will need two toothpicks, so be sure to place them in pairs. Also, make sure your toothpicks are pointed upward so your cupcakes won’t fall off.
Now, that you’ve placed your toothpicks, you can begin to place your cupcakes. Stick the cupcakes onto the paired toothpicks, ensuring that they are secure. Place each cupcake one-by-one in order to avoid smudging the frosting. After you’ve adjusted the cupcakes, grab your last piece of gift tissue. Cut your tissue into 1 inch wide strips. Place the strips between the cupcakes to cover any gaps that your may see between the cupcakes. The strips will add a vibrant color pop to your bouquet. Perfect! Now bask in the beauty of your sweet floral masterpiece!

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