DIY Glitter Glassware

We are always looking for exciting ways to take our dinner décor to another level. How about adding a little BLING to your next table setting? Here is a fun and easy DIY glitter glassware tutorial to help you add some sparkle to your table. For this DIY, we created blinged out glassware by adding glitter to the outside of our wine glasses. The great thing about this project (besides the glitter, of course) is its versatility. You can create DIY glitter glassware to match any party, theme or holiday. Want more sparkle? Just apply this process to any clear glassware!

glitter champagneTo create this project, all you need is your favorite color loose glitter, all-purpose adhesive craft glue, a plastic sandwich bag, masking tape, clear sealant, and wine glasses. First, clean and fully dry your glasses. This is to ensure that the glitter properly sticks to the wine glasses. Next, open up your sandwich bag. Make a hole in the bottom of the bag large enough to guide the foot and the stem of the wine glass through. Then, securely tape the bag around the stem of the glass. If you’d like a more dramatic look, secure tape around the bottom of the bowl of the glass rather than the stem. This allows the glitter design to come up higher on the wine glass. Never apply your glitter too close to the rim of the glass. No one wants a mouth full of sparkle!

Next, apply your craft glue to the uncovered portion of your wine glass. Sprinkle the glitter on top of the glue. Repeat this step filling in any glitterless patches on your glass. Allow the glue and glitter to dry for about ten minutes before completing the final step. Lastly, apply your clear sealant to make your project permanent. Be sure to experiment with different colors, stencils, and designs to add personality and pizazz to your glassware!

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