DIY Paper Flowers

Winter weather got you down? Add a touch of Spring to your home decor with these DIY Paper Flowers. They are super adorable and can be made to match any color scheme. Put them in your favorite vase to brighten up your table or glue them to canvas and hang them up as funky wall art. This DIY is simple and cute and you only need a few materials to get started.

Here’s what you’ll need to make one large paper flower:
• 12 Gift Tissue
• Scissors
• Craft Glue
• Floral Tape
• Floral Wire or Colored Pipe Cleaners (Stem)

Paper Flowers StepsDIY Paper flower steps
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First, unfold your tissue and lay the sheets flat on top of each other. Next, flipping the sheets back and forth, fold the sheets one inch on each side (it should look like a fan). Once you’ve folded your sheets, begin to sculpt the edges of the tissue using your scissor. Cut the edges in a circular fashion to shape your petals. Next, wrap your pipe cleaner/ floral wire stem around the center of your sheets then fold the sheets in half. Now, fluff your sheets to form the flower. Repeat these steps to create several beautiful floral blossoms. Group the flowers together using the floral wire.

These DIY paper flowers a perfect for home décor but can also double as party decorations or table centerpieces!

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