What To Know When Planning a Character-Themed Birthday Party

Planning the perfect character-themed party for your little one doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. With a few tips and tricks, you should be on your way to throwing the best kids’ party on the block. Don’t worry, no need to put on your kid’s favorite movie or show; I’m sure it’s burned into your memory after seeing it a million times.

1. Theme

So, thanks to your kids, you don’t have to do much work when it comes to choosing a theme for this one. Take what you know and get creative! Even if the character of choice isn’t popular in stores you can use the significant features of the character to define your theme.

DIY Trolls Hair Headbands

*Pro Tip: Kids’ interests change often, so it wouldn’t hurt to do a doublecheck on their current favs!

2. Invitations & Decorations

Now that you have a theme, you can start gathering all the essentials. Try writing your invitations in the voice of the character or making a special prop from the movie/show to welcome parents and friends to the party. You can use colors, settings, and props to bring the world of the character to life.

Moana Party Invitations Engraved Wood
Moana Themed Invitations

3. Food & Drinks

This is where it gets really fun! If the character always has a certain food or drink try recreating it for the party. Just go for it, but know you can always check for DIY videos. Your guests will be fed and the kids will love the experience!

Lorax Themed Cookies

4. Entertainment

If your child loves a popular character you might have a good chance of finding one for hire. If not, you could dress up yourself or have the kids dress up as characters; they will love it! Also, be prepared to have a few interactive games or maybe even a singalong (if you can bear it) to give the kids something fun to do and keep the experience going.

Adventure Time Themed Birthday Game

5. Party Favors

At this point, you’ve pulled it off! Now you want to send your guests home with a special treat or toy as a thank you for coming. There are plenty of easy DIY goodies that you could make, just make sure to keep your theme in mind. Having the perfect party favors will seal the deal and leave your kids’ friends talking about this party for weeks.

Superhero party ideas 9
Superhero Suckers

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