Things to DO Before “I DO”

Wedding Timeline and Planning Guide

Planning the biggest event of your life doesn’t happen overnight.  Click here to download our FREE and super simple 12-month wedding timeline and planning guide!

Congratulations! You’re engaged! Go ahead, snap that ring selfie and show it off!

Whether you were completely surprised by your sweetie or you and your future spouse have been planning for some time now, the big day is officially on its way!

While wedding planning can be fun and exciting, the stress that comes along with it can be equally frustrating. It’s no wonder that the big day can turn a sweet and tender bride into a fire-breathing bridezilla. YIKES!

Keep your wedding vision clear with our planning schedule and organized task list. Here you’ll find pro tips to organize all of the pre- and post-wedding day details.

Still not sure where the start or do you just need more guidance? Hey, that’s what we’re here for! Schedule your Virtual Consulting Session and kick start your wedding planning with the guidance of a professional.


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